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Tokyo's leading pop artist Uruma Delvi keeps being unique.

You must know them who is approved Genius by Japan



Uruma and Delvi, two hearts works as one.
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How does UD create? 

If you are lookiing for unique characters and funny animation, UrumaDelvi is

the best choice. Don't hesitate to contact by the form located under this page.



of any contents

Video, publishing, music, tech and etc. We propose a well-balanced content project.

Created realtime CG rcreation system for the particular company's YouTube channel.



Created music animation to support the earthquake victims collaborated with David Byrne and Ryuich Sakamoto.

Our most unique work is making animation. These are very funny and make you laugh and happy!



We create cute and whimsey characters or rent characters UrumaDelvi owned. (500 or more)

Created Character "JOJO THE RABBIT" for the TV show of health and wellness.

We also create music by ourselves for not only our animation but also for your order.

Created theme song for the character of National Musium of Kyoto "TORARIN"





We're enough curious to love starting new things, meeting new people. Please feel free to send us "Hello" in forms below. 

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