Who is UrumaDelvi?

Husband-wife team UrumaDelvi (UD) is a multi-talented artist duo from Japan.

We create unique characters, animate them, compose popular music, publish children’s books,

create iPhone/iPad apps and games, and develop animation software.

Our unique and diverse characters have been part of Japanese pop culture for years. 

Introducing UrumaDelvi, Creator of Bottom Biting Bug

NHK World TV 2008,10 min


What do we do?

  • Our animated music video Bottom Biting Bug continues to be a major hit in Japan, setting the longest-running record on Japan's most popular music video program for children on NHK.
  • The CD of the song sold 269,616 copies, and downloads of the video are up to about 2.5 million to date.  The song spent 15 weeks at No. 1 on Japan’s Oricon Indies Chart.
  • Bottom Biting Bug has been the basis for a popular TV series, picture books, games, and a variety of merchandise, with total sales reaching approximately US$90 million.
  • We created the animated music video Psychedelic Afternoon in collaboration with David Byrne and Ryuichi Sakamoto. The video was released March 2013 as part of a project benefiting victims of the 2011 Japanese earthquake.
  • (a long day of) Mr. Calpaccio received honors at the Chicago International Children's Film Festival in 2006 and was officially selected by many notable film festivals, including Palm Springs International Film of Short Films, Annecy International Film Festival, and Ottawa International Animation Film Festival.
  • We were awarded the title "Super Creator" by the Japanese government for our painting/animating software, UrumaDelvi Paint, later distributed as PICMO.
  • Our children’s book series Twin Obake continues to generate high sales in Japan. Three titles of this oversize picture book have been released to date, each with page after page of richly-detailed full-color original puzzles and art.
  • The English edition of the iPad app Obake’s Picture Puzzle Vol.1 - Twin Obake and Miracle Seed is available on iTunes. iPhone/iPad apps for Vols. 2-3 are scheduled to go on sale soon.

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We are talking with...

  • Publishers, who wish to publish English editions of our popular Japanese children’s books.
  • Organizations, that are interested in organizing screenings of our animation, or sponsoring our workshops or exhibitions of our artworks.
  • Distibutors, who wish to distribute our numerous animated shorts in theaters, on TV, DVD, and online.
  • Collaborators, such as musicians and writers who wish to help create stories for our unique and endearing characters.
  • Investors, who wish to support and participate in the success of our various projects.


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