Short, but the impression remains long afterward

UrumaDelvi has created almost 400 animations to date. Each is a short clip from 5 seconds to 7 minutes. Unique characters, vivid graphics, funny stories paired to magical music - this is the unbeatable appeal of UrumaDelvi animations. We are creating "moments."

Psychedelic Afternoon Musical Animation supporting Tohoku earthquake recovery through Zapuni (2013)

Psychedelic Afternoon is a musical animation featuring UrumaDelvi, David Byrne and Ryūichi Sakamoto.  This artistic undertaking was released as part of the Zapuni Project on March 11, 2013, exactly two years after northeastern Japan’s catastrophic earthquake and tsunami.  The Zapuni Project is working to benefit the region through collaboration between Japan’s animation artists and world-renowned musicians.  As the disaster recedes from public attention internationally, we believe that now is the moment for art and music to unleash their power and make a significant contribution.

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(a long day of) Mr. Calpaccio

Independent Production (2005)

This experimental work was boldly created minus one of UrumaDelvi’s trademarks – vivid coloring.  By limiting the color, the deformation (metamorphose) in which line and surface are irrelevant becomes free, resulting in a great work that can be described as a “moving graphic design.”  Mr. Calpaccio has been shown in 19 different countries, and competed in 28 international festivals, including Annecy and Zagreb.  The animation was awarded the Jury’s Certificate of Excellence at the Chicago Children's International Film Festival and was chosen as a Jury Selection at Japan Media Arts Festival.

Bottom Biting Bug

Music Animation (2007)

Originally created in 2003, this musical animation was reproduced in 2007 for the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) program “Minna no Uta (Everyone’s Song).”  Bottom Biting Bug became wildly popular the moment it hit the airwaves, recording 2.5 million downloads, 270,000 DVDs sold and exceeding 300 character items.  As well as the character design and animation, UrumaDelvi also produced the music (lyrics, composition and song).  To the left is an unreleased English version of Bottom Biting Bug.


Animation Series (1993)

Shikato is UrumaDelvi’s debut work.  135 stories were produced for the legendary children’s program “Ugo-Ugo-Luhga.”  Shikato can only walk in a straight line, which means that whether colliding into objects or falling off of things, something funny is always happening.  And even though Shikato has been marching ahead for twenty years, the series shows no signs of aging.  It’s a wonderful animation that continues to maintain a large fan base in Japan.


Animation Series (2006)

TETE x METE was created for use on FLUX, the video delivery site for mobile phones operated by MTV Japan.  It was produced with the idea that the creator is "an American cartoon-loving designer living on the island of Bali."  TETE x METE live a leisurely life on an island that is only inhabited by the children of fairies.  The small bug companions are "Simusi," who are actually bodyguards who protect TETE x METE.

David's Favorite

Mr. Socket

Short Animation (2005)

Mr. Socket has always watched over people and brightened their lives.  He has seen a lot without telling a soul – beautiful things, things that shouldn’t be seen.  And although Mr. Socket has been adored for years, recently fluorescent bulbs and LEDs have been pushing him out of the spotlight, reducing his popularity to just a flicker.


Capsule Samurai

Animation Series (2004)

Although originally an independent Japanese-language film, Capsule Samurai was picked up by the children’s English-language teaching show “Eigo-rian,” making its television debut in English.  By using the same melody with repeated vocabulary, kids are better able to clearly  remember each word.  A total of forty episodes are available for use as educational material at home or in school.

Sample Shorts (Happy)

Short Animaitons

UrumaDelvi has created well over 400 animations.  Composed of pictures, music and sound effects, the majority of these short animations are comical stories without dialogue.  At one point, we went through a spontaneous period where we wanted to immediately produce an image the moment we thought it up; we simply didn’t release those that didn’t quite make the cut.  The above clips represent only a portion of these.



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