UrumaDelvi created over 500 characters so far. It's a character bank like a model agency. Some of them has been debut to the public, others are spending their early years in the studio. Followings are well known characters in Japan. Check out UrumaDelvi's cute and unique characters like no other.


This character was born in 2003 as web animation. It was song and dance animation. In 2007, we renewed for NHK broadcasting then it became tremendous hit in Japan like over 1 million download. In 2012, we released second song and started animation series.


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This is the world of Twin Obake and their friends. Japanese word "Obake" means basically ghost, but it's including all unnatural things. Our Obake are not scary but cute and weird. We wish this to be movie or series animation. As a first step, we have published three books.


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He's a dog. He's old. He's slow. But he's cute. His first appearance was extra clip for series animation but he became more popular than main animations. We have published a picture book and song in 2012. He has became doll several times for sales or prize.


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Mr. Calpaccio

This character was created for an animation called "(a long day of) Mr. Calpaccio" in 2005. Usually UrumaDelvi images are in vivid colors but Mr. Calpaccio is in black and white. Free from color, we can design solid graphic and deform animation freely.


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テテ x メテ

TETE x METE was born in 2006. Hand-shaped character is TETE and another is METE. Small bugs are called "Shimusi". They are children of fairy. This vivid color world was created by imagination of "Designed by the designer in Bali island who loves American cartoon". 


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Sumiko is 8 years old living in the town of Furukawa in Tokyo. Nobody knows but she has a great talent of singing Enka (Japanese chanson). Her father is a truck driver and  her mother is working for Ramen restaurant as a part time job. This world is old fashioned Japanese town.

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Shikato was born in 1990s. Originally it was created as animation character for TV program "Ugo-Ugo-Luhga". With yodel sound, Shikato walks but only strait. Always making collision so....? Not only Japanese but also the people of the world loves Shikato. 


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Capsule-shaped Samurai. Main character is a King and 4 samurais to entertain King. They sing, they dance everyday for  King. Capusle Samurai was born in 2013. Later they are shown in English program for children on educational TV. We have 40 episodes of animation.


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She is 30s. She is single. She is carrier woman. She has many friends and respected in her job. But she's looking for something anytime. Why high-cut? Coinsidentaly she has natural born high-cut pattern on her body.




We have more characters which we can't show here because for copyright protection. Contact us to look them or develop new characters.

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