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News Archive

History of UrumaDelvi since 2013, the year of UD moved to US.


"Psychedelic Afternoon" was selected to 2013 Ottawa IInt'l Animation Festival 

UrumaDelvi's latest film "Psychedelic Afternoon" has been selected to official competition of 2003 Ottawa International Animation Festival. It will competite award at festival on September.

       2013 Ottawa International Animation Festival


UrumaDelvi exhibits "Wonder disc" at Asian Art Museum 

UrumaDelvi installed new interactive digital art exhibit "Wonder Disc 2013" at the world largest asian culture museum, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. This runs to September 20th.

       Asian Art Mueseum of San Francisco


"Hi-cut Panda" becomes live action drama 

Cute character "Hi-cut Panda" will be broadcast as live action drama on NHK, Japan. This is UD's first challenge for live shooting, not animation. Three episodes is available from Aug 8th.

       NHK information page (not yet open)


Workshop at Clarendon Elementary School

UrumaDelvi held workshop at Clarendon Elementary School. Students made animation with UD originated software "PICMO" which utilize anybody can make animation 10 minute.



Released "Pshchedelic Afternoon"

UrumaDelvi released new animation for support victims of Tohoku earthquake/Tsunami, collaborated with David Byene and Ryuichi Sakamoto.


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