Artist Resume


2012-13 Official Cultural Envoy of Japan



For Musical Animation "Oshiri Kajiri Mushi"
2009 Kuwasawa Design of the Year​

2007 Best Hits Music Festival, Japan: Best New Artist

Animation "(a long day of) Mr. Calpaccio"

2006 Japan Media Arts Festival: Animation Division: Jury Selections

2006 Chicago International Children's Film Festival, USA
Adult Jury Prize - Certificate of Excellence, Animated Short Film or Video

Software "PICMO"
2008 Untouched Software Project: Genius Programmer/Super Creator

Social Game "Interpot"
2000 Java Presentation Contest: Vice Champion

Game Software "Amazing Mouse"
2000 Multi Media Grand Prix: Package Division: Interactive Award

Live Performance "Amazing Mouse"
1998 Multi Media Grand Prix: Theater/Exhibit Division: Entertainment Award


Psychedelic Afternoon

2013 Ottawa International Animation Festival. Canada

(a long day of) Mr.Calpaccio
2009 Festival del film Locarno, Manga Impact, Switzerland
2007 New York International Children’s Film Festival
2007 Shorts Short Film Festival & ASIA 2007, Japan
2007 Taiwan International Animation Festival 2007
2006 Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2006, France
2006 Animafest Zagreb, Croatia
2006 Melbourne International Animation Festival 2006, Australia
2006 ANIMA MUNDI, Brazil
2006 Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films
2006 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival
2006 Ottawa International Animation Film Festival, Canada
2006 Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival
2006 Edinburgh International Film Festival, UK
2006 International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, Germany
2006 Holland Animation Film Festival


1999 12th FILMFEST DRESDEN, Germany
1999 FANTOCHE, Switzerland
1999 Lo Res Film and Video Festival, Los Angeles
1998 Animafest Zagreb, Croatia
1998 Annecy International Animated Film Festival, France

Mama Gaulo
1998 World Animation Celebration, Pasadena

Animation List
2013 Psychedelic Afternoon (Zapuni)
2013 Bottom Biting Bug (TV Series)
           - Character Design and Original Story (NHK)
2012 Bottom’s Mountain is Everest – Music for All (NHK)
2011 UrumaDelvi’s Go! Go! Bright Society

            (Association For Promoting Fair Elections)
2010 UrumaDelvi’s Go! Go! Election

            (Association For Promoting Fair Elections)

2009 Shokichi (Independent Film)
2008 Sumiko Forever/I don’t like your attitude (Independent Film)
2007 Delicious Hot Cocoa with Milk 
– TV Commercial (Bourbon)

2007 Bottom Biting Bug – Music for All (NHK)
​2006 TETE x METE – FLUX/Nickelodeon (MTV)
2005 (a long day of) Mr. Calpaccio (Independent Film)
2005 Capsule Samurai – Eigolian (NHK)
2005 Four Birds 
 Into Animation IV (JAA)
​2003 Winter Days (Imagica)
2005 UrumaDelvi DELUXE (Excite Japan)
2004 UrumaDelvi GOLD (Shockwave)
1999 Moki the Shocker 
 Into Animation II (JAA)
1993 Shikato 
 Ugo-Ugo Luhga (Fuji TV)
1993 Mama Gaulo 
 No More Japanese English (Asahi Broadcast)

1992 Let's Go UrumaDelvi (Independent Film)


2012 Dodobongo Travels to Nowhere

2012 Twin Obake Fights for Secret Treasure

2011 Twin Obake and Miracle Seed
2011 Twin Obake Chasing Running Egg

2000 "Amazing Mouse" Official Book

2007 Capsule Samurai Play Book
2008 Bottom Biting Bug: Biting School
2008 Bottom Biting Bug: Lovely Pudding
2007 I am Boteshi

2003 P for Pregnant


2012 Bottom’s Mountain is Everest

             – Composed music and lyrics, performed song
2012 That Dog is Dodobong – Produced
2011 TV Commercial ”ROOX” – Lyrics (Nissan)
2007 Bottom Biting Bug – Composed, lyrics, performed song
2009 Shokichi – Produced
2008 Sumiko Forever – Produced
2008 I Don’t Like Your Attitude – Lyrics

2000 Theme of Bikkuri Mouse PS2 –Composed



2013 Mr. Tank (Self production on Facebook)

2012 Hi-Cut Panda (Nikkei Woman)
2000-2007 UrumaDelvi's Peep Hole (Daily Itoi Paper)
​1997-Present Daily Cartoon "Feeling of the day"

2011 Patch – Series of Paintngs. Aclyric 25.7x20.8 each
2008 Flower and Flower – Acrylic 25.7x20.8
2007 Twins – Series of Paintings, Acrylic 25.7 x 20.8​ each
2006 Acid Garden – Acrylic 46x35.5

2012 Twin Obake and Miracle Seed [iOS] (UDP)
2010 PICMO [PC] (Chelico Entertainment Inc.)
2010 Daily Cartoon [iOS] (UDP)
2008 Clay Town [PC] (Celsys Co.)
2000 Bikkuri Mouse 
 Playstation 2
2000 Interpot [Web] Social Game (Nifty Corp.)

Media Art Exhibits

2013 Wonder Disk – Asian Art Museum, San Francisco
2002 Hop Step Dance – Shiraishi Media Center Miyagi, Japan

1999 Snap Motion  Nadya Park, Nagoya, Japan

1998 Bikkuri Mouse – Performing Media Art, Tokyo and etc.


2012 SO+ZO – Group Exhibition, Tokyo (Kuwasawa Gakuen)
2010 Twins – Solo Exhibition, hpgrp Gallery, New York
2008 a la mode – Solo Exhibition, Shibuya Parco, Tokyo

1997 Feeling of the Day – Solo Exhibition, Egg Gallary, Tokyo

Design Plan​

2008 Deko-Boko Motors, Yokohama (SEGA)





Kuwasawa Design School, Tokyo




Board Member of Japan Animation Association
Member of Association Internationale du Film d’Animation
Member of Japan Animation Creators Association

Member of American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)

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